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Next Chapter Books
Used Trade-in Policy

  1. Next Chapter Books offers store credit for gently used books that fit our curation based on condition, genre, author, title, or other factors determining relevance and value. 

  2. Next Chapter Books issues only store credit. We do not pay cash for trade-in books.  

  3. We will keep track of a customer’s total credit for redemption.

  4. Store credit can be used towards the purchase of used books only.

  5. Store credit can only be applied to 50% of any used book purchase.  The remaining balance will be paid via cash or credit/debit card.



  • Customer has $10.00 in store credit.

  • Customer brings $10.00 worth of used books to the register for checkout.

  • Upon request to use store credit, NCB will apply $5.00 of store credit to the purchase, and Customer will pay $5.00 for the remaining balance.

  • Customer will then have $5.00 remaining on their store credit balance.

  • If the customer purchases $20.00 worth of used books, then all $10.00 store credit can be applied to the purchase.

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