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Our Story

In 2018, we began to dream together about a space to share our favorite stories, true and imagined, and discover new ones. A space to connect with fellow book lovers, to learn, grow, and build community. We were still raising our family and pursuing degrees at the time, and this dream seemed out of reach. So we shelved it. 


In this fast-paced, noisy world, we hope to create a space that invites curiosity and exploration, and provides opportunities to learn and connect with others. By engaging neighborhoods in Detroit, we look to understand where a community-centered bookstore may thrive. There are a few wonderful independent bookstores serving neighborhoods in the city. We aim to give them space and find our unique niche in bookselling.  We're taking our time because we want to listen to communities, and because our friends in the bookselling world have told us—location is everything. Don't rush it.


Next Chapter Books offers our customers affordable book buying through a curated selection of both new and contemporary secondhand reads (this is not your rare and antiquated used book shop!) We're eager to share a diverse collection, highlighting the work of local and historically underrepresented authors. We're also excited to grow into programming and engage our neighbors through story time, after-school read-a-loud, teen book reviews, author talks, monthly book clubs, and maybe even some open mic nights. 


Pursuing this dream is the next chapter in our lives; have you thought about yours?

That was five years ago. Today, we continue to grow in our commitment to shop locally and support small businesses investing in their communities; we know many others feel the same. 


And besides, we're ready for an adventure. 

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